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The Land & Soil

Aside from a simple knowledge of the benefits of composting, Lindsay and I didn’t know much at all about the concept of soil health in agriculture until we first met Joe and Sue Herman and began discussions around taking ownership of the eden they created.  During this process, we found that Joe, ahead of his time, chose in 2009 to fully give up using herbicides in the vineyard.  Instead, using cover crops, compost, and other regenerative practices, the Hermans have been on the forefront of promoting and sustaining the incredibly diverse forms of microbial life that teem within the soil in an attempt to not only heal the soil, prevent erosion, control weed growth, and avoid harmful synthetic chemicals, but ultimately produce the highest quality grapes and in turn the highest quality of wine in Southwest Michigan.  

If you come visit our vineyard, you won’t see any bare soil, but instead a cover of diverse grasses and vegetation which not only controls weeds, but prevents the damages of a monocrop, and leads to a beautiful cycle of growth, regeneration, and carbon sequestration.  By promoting biodiversity both above ground and below, the Hermans have stood as a shining light directing us forward to a better way to work with the land and this can not only inspire modern viticulture but any type of agriculture around the world.  As Lindsay and I move forward with Filkins Vineyards, our hope is to always keep the Hermans’ legacy and example in mind, and push our practices and principles in the direction that most resembles how this earth was originally intended to thrive.  Clearly this is extremely beneficial to our health, our future, and the planet as a whole, and we are learning a lot!  But aside from celebrating these victories, we just want you to come visit us and taste the purity in the wine for yourself!